Robin Adnan, Why am I here?

by SF

My existence is a pause. A yellow bleep between the tightened red and some breathing green. When the daylight blinks away and the night turns dead and quiet, I brace myself for the distant thunders rumbling in my chest. Black, fossil-like fish splash out of the water, then dive deep into my dark fairyland. I sit in the middle of a vast, exploded field beneath the sun. Sweat and shadow become a muddy puddle inside me. When I stand up and reach for a door, I end up opening something else. Reality becomes a red cactus. I embrace it. A small, black child dances around me, laughing away – the scorched earth hisses under his feet. I watch his body melting down like wax. I close my eyes. Over the horizon, eons away, where dreams bloom into white flowers, I know I will find a great ocean smashing against towering cliffs, and an abandoned lighthouse haunting a long shadow on the rising mist.
There, I will find her waiting for me. I will climb into her warm, bellowing womb and sprout into an evergreen tree.

©Robin Adnan
Photo 2008-2013 ~Dark-Existence 

Robin Adnan, 33, from Bangladesh, became a refugee and after 10 years of working in Europe, he now lives in Canada. He is a Law Graduate.